McMahon Truck Centers Leasing Service

McMahon Truck Leasing was originally founded in 1993 as Southeastern Leasing and Rental by the McMahon family in Charlotte, NC.  Over the years, the business has grown to include seven locations in five states –  North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and West Virginia.

In May of 2014, the name was changed from Southeastern Leasing and Rental to McMahon Truck Leasing, to better reflect our overall integration, presence and values of our family of McMahon Truck Centers’ dealerships.

We are a local, family owned company with a national network through our affiliations with NationaLease, Mack and Volvo Leasing Systems.

We have learned that customers who lease from McMahon do not want to think about their trucks. They want to concentrate on their business.

We lease all makes and models of trucks as well as maintain all makes and models of trucks under contract maintenance.



We have created a company philosophy of asking the customer,


“Tell us what you want.
We offer you the menu and it is a blank page.
We fill your order the way you want it.”


-McMahon Truck Leasing Team



Full Service Leasing

Transportation equipment is a serious capital investment and not one to be taken lightly. Many companies turn to McMahon Truck Leasing for equipment acquisition, financing, maintenance and disposal.

Our transportation professionals will engineer, purchase, maintain and dispose of vehicles in addition to handling all of the daily requirements including registration, licensing, permits and taxes.

A nationwide service network of more than 700 NationaLease locations ensures your vehicles will be serviced properly and regularly, in addition to providing 24-hour roadside support.


The Best of All Worlds:

  • Best equipment from top manufacturers…all makes!
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Capital financing with competitive rates
  • Operating lease for maximum tax advantages
  • National purchasing power and service network
  • Administrative services providing licensing, permits, and D.O.T. compliance
  • Commercial rental fleet to support our customers’ unexpected fleet needs
  • All maintenance, parts, tires and labor for the term of the lease
  • Hands-on account management with an eye for detail
  • Customized solutions specific to your operation

Flexible and Responsive Leasing Service

We are just the right size to serve any size company, whether one truck or a hundred. McMahon Truck Leasing is flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers. We provide effective, efficient, and innovative solutions to all types and sizes of operations. We are a local company with a National presence.

Let McMahon Truck Leasing help you meet your goals by freeing you of the day-to-day management of your transportation fleet. We can identify issues and opportunities and use our expertise to create increased productivity for your specific operation at a predictable cost. McMahon Truck Leasing will manage your maintenance at one of our company service facilities, nationwide at one of our NationaLease member facilities, or at your location: wherever it makes the best business sense for your company.