McMahon Truck Leasing New Look

McMahon Truck Leasing recently updated the look of their rental fleet. The commercial truck leasing company has always had a young fleet, but they felt it was time to revamp the design of the rental trucks to coordinate with the new branding for the company.

The new design is simple with just a McMahon Truck Leasing logo, and a light gray background reminiscent of a tire track that was created out of their symbolic triangles. The simple design coordinates with the new look and feel the Leasing and Rental company has launched when their new Marketing Director came on board earlier in the spring.

McMahon Truck Leasing provides commercial rental and leasing programs for their customers. Their commercial rental fleet provides the flexibility you need for extra equipment or temporary replacement during vehicle repairs. Their Leasing programs include Full Service Lease as well as Preventative Maintenance programs. These programs are solutions for companies looking to retain capital they need for other business needs.

For over 25 years McMahon Truck Leasing has served our customers transportation needs. With locations throughout five states, our Full-Service Leasing system represents the MACK and Volvo Leasing Systems, as well as one of the largest full service truck leasing organizations in North America, NationaLease. Our proud partnership with NationaLease ensures professional and routine service for your vehicle in more than 700 locations nationwide, in addition to 24-hour roadside assistance. Providing benefits like customizable maintenance solutions, hands-on account management, and a commercial rental fleet program for flexibility with any unexpected needs is what has made McMahon Truck Leasing a local company with a national presence.