McMahon Truck Centers is proud to announce that their dealership has been awarded the designation of Mack® Certified Uptime Center. This new dealer service certification assures Mack’s highest level of truck repair and maintenance, with vehicle uptime as the top priority.

According to CEO Mike McMahon the facility has integrated new workflow procedures that add efficiency and save time, especially for quick repairs. “In an effort to better serve our customers, we have taken all the steps necessary to be a Certified Uptime Center,” said McMahon. “With new standards, service procedures, and shop layouts, our goal is to make each service visit as short as possible.”

Key to the Mack® Certified Uptime Center concept is a dedicated Uptime Bay. Here, trucks requiring repair time of four hours or less are serviced immediately. This eliminates the traditional “first come, first served” practice that can turn a simple repair into a costly delay.

Uptime Bay service also utilizes GuardDog® Connect, Mack’s proactive diagnostic and repair planning system, to expedite the service experience. Customers can expect a faster check-in and assessment process, with no appointment necessary. Mack® ASIST direct messaging keeps all parties up-to-the-minute regarding repairs and approvals.

“Mack® has a strong commitment to keeping customers’ trucks and operations at peak productivity” said McMahon. “We are excited about how this will help our customers’ trucks be diagnosed and repaired efficiently and returned back to them as quickly as possible.”

Mack® Certified Uptime Center status puts McMahon Truck Centers Charlotte on the leading edge of an Uptime initiative created for Mack’s nationwide dealer network. Dealer locations receive the certification only after adopting standardized protocols that provide more transparent information to the customer and completion of short repairs more quickly.

The Mack® Certified Uptime Center is located at 3609 Trailer Drive, Charlotte, NC 28269. For information or service, please call 704-597-1240 or email