Jeff Tilley, GM Nashville

We are very pleased to welcome Jeff Tilley as the new General Manager of McMahon Truck Centers in Nashville. With over 30 years of experience in transportation and logistics, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, including extensive sales and management experience with dealerships and at Mack Trucks Inc. He has a deep connection to Tennessee and the Nashville area which we feel will be a huge asset to McMahon Truck Centers Nashville.
We are very excited to have Jeff Tilley join our McMahon Truck Centers Nashville team! Jeff is a proven leader in industry, and his sales and management experience are a natural fit for our vibrant Nashville location. We appreciate you joining me in providing a warm welcome for Jeff.

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For over 25 years McMahon Truck Leasing has served our customers transportation needs. With locations throughout five states, our Full-Service Leasing system represents the MACK and Volvo Leasing Systems, as well as one of the largest full service truck leasing organizations in North America, NationaLease. Our proud partnership with NationaLease ensures professional and routine service for your vehicle in more than 700 locations nationwide, in addition to 24-hour roadside assistance. Providing benefits like customizable maintenance solutions, hands-on account management, and a commercial rental fleet program for flexibility with any unexpected needs is what has made McMahon Truck Leasing a local company with a national presence.