Road infrastructure has become a hot topic across the country. Recently NBC News and MSNBC sent a news crew to Charlotte, NC and McMahon Truck Leasing & NationaLease to learn more about what industry leaders had to say about infrastructure and the concerns the industry faces.

Under a bright Carolina blue sky and with a truck background supplied by McMahon Truck Leasing & NationaLease, NBC News correspondent, Vaughn Hillyard, interviewed experts such as a Civil Engineer, a truck company CEO, and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce President and CEO for their thoughts on why our roads need improvement and how better roads can help the industry as a whole in regards to time, safety and money.

Each interview took place live on MSNBC and was recorded for playback later on NBC News outlets, such as NBC Nightly News and The Today Show. McMahon Truck Leasing was chosen due to their long time presence in the community, as well as, their prime site at the intersection of Interstates 77 and 85 in the Charlotte region. The location and backdrop provided NBC News with exceptional highway exposure and a vast fleet of trucks to use for the interviews.

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For over 25 years McMahon Truck Leasing has served our customers transportation needs. With locations throughout five states, our Full-Service Leasing system represents the MACK and Volvo Leasing Systems, as well as one of the largest full service truck leasing organizations in North America, NationaLease. Our proud partnership with NationaLease ensures professional and routine service for your vehicle in more than 700 locations nationwide, in addition to 24-hour roadside assistance. Providing benefits like customizable maintenance solutions, hands-on account management, and a commercial rental fleet program for flexibility with any unexpected needs is what has made McMahon Truck Leasing a local company with a national presence.